Fran R.
Amy is so blessed with her healing abilities. I went to her for a frozen shoulder and she truly healed me. She utilized acupuncture , cupping, moxa and gave me physical therapy on top of it all. She has made my overall health improve as well. She's truly magical!
John C.
Amy is really nice and supportive and knows her acupuncture. She also uses moxa and 5 element to blend a therapy that's right for you. Big thanks, Amy!
Alison R.
It was wasp season on Kauai and unfortunately, I got stung 5 times by wasps and was not reacting well to it. A friend suggested calling Amy and I'm glad I did. She came to my house right away and was able to help relieve the symptoms A LOT. I had been stung in the past and had a much longer recovery time than I did after having Amy treat me.
Kelly H.
My husband has seen Amy a few times and always returns from his appointments feeling like a new person. She's helped his overall health and suggested certain Chinese medicines for certain ailments. She's a lifesaver, truly.
Samantha W.
Amy workin In me while I was visiting Colorado and having back issues. After just 1 acupuncture session I felt instant relief. I highly recommend Amy.
Barb B.
Amy is amazing: intuitive, informed and willing to share as much information as you can absorb. Her energy is calm and peaceful...makes it easy to get "needled". She's helped everything from hormone imbalance to golf elbow. Highly recommend!
Denise W.
I went to Amy for repeat bronchitis and she helped SO much in one visit, I can't wait for my next visit! She is caring, thoughtful and grounded in her work. Thanks